And then there were TUBES…

Since when did chronic ear infections in children become normal?
And antibiotics an acceptable option for treatment?
And putting children under anesthesia for a “routine” surgery of inserting tubes?

At least half of all U.S children have had otitis media by their first birthday.
By age 6, 90% have had them.

What do Vaccines, Tubes, Dairy Products, & Antibiotics
have to do with Ear Infections?


Did you know? At least 6 vaccines mention Ear Infections as part of reported adverse vaccine reactions. Read (HERE)

Prenvar, the “ear ache” vaccine. A new subtype of the vaccine strain in the Prenvar vaccine is causing ear infections. . . that are resistant to all pediatric medications. According the vaccine manufacturer: “children who received Prenvar appear to be at Increased risk of otitis media….”


Did you know? About 1 million children have tubes inserted in their ears every year, at a cost of $1000/operation. Thus $1 billion is spent each year on this operation.

One of the primary reasons parents consent to tympanostomy  (an incision in the eardrums to place a plastic drainage tube) is the fear of hearing loss from repeat infections.  However, studies of children who have had this surgery, indicate that up to 42 percent of them develop scar tissue in the ear after surgery.  It is believed that this scar tissue continues to build up in the ear for three years after the surgery, contributing to hearing loss.  This does not happen in children who don’t receive the surgery.


Did you know? “Ear specialists frequently insert tubes into the ear drums of infants to treat recurrent ear infections. It has replaced the previously popular tonsillectomy to become the number one child surgery in our country. Unfortunately, most of these specialists don’t realize that over 50% of these children will improve and have no further ear infections if they just stop taking in pasteurized and homogenized dairy products”.


Did you know? 80 percent of children with ear infections would recover within about 3 days without antibiotics.

Numerous studies prove antibiotics to be ineffective for ear infections and do more damage than good.

“Antibiotics for ear infections are the number one reason why antibiotics are prescribed for children.  Taking antibiotics presents many risks, not the least of which is killing off good bacteria in the body, letting yeast and mold overgrow in the body introducing a whole host of problems, like increasing the likelihood of future ear infections, eczema, and illness and digestive disorders”. Some studies have shown that children treated with antibiotics tend to develop resistance to antibiotics and have more ear infections than children not treated.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, in over twenty-five years of pediatric practice, stated that a series of controlled studies showed that the use of antibiotics for the treatment of ear infections made no difference in terms of hearing loss, spread of infection, or mastoiditis, when compared to not treating with antibiotics. According to Dr. Mendelsohn, evidence indicates the common course of care given by allopathic doctors (aka conventional medicine) of antibiotics and pain relievers actually weakens the immune system and contributes to more ear infections in the future.

“The long term effects of using antibiotics resulted in an increase in the occurrence of ear infections, with one occurring every 4-6 weeks”


A big thank-you to the blog: Healthy Families For God who recently ran a series on facebook, going through the alphabet of health. During E is for Ear Infections, they told this story. It’s the same story we hear most often concerning children’s ear infections.

“Take the case of a young boy named Matthew, whose doctor had put him on amoxicillin, the accepted treatment for such infections. The drugs seemed to work-but not for long. Four weeks later the ear infections took a turn for the worse and Matthew returned to his doctor, who, thinking that Matthew needed a stronger antibiotic, prescribed Ceclor, which did the trick–for a while. Six weeks later, Matthew’s infection worsened, so the doctor tried a still stronger medication.

Antibiotics weren’t what was needed. In fact, the infection was becoming more and more powerful because Matthew’s well-meaning doctor was aggravating the situation. The increasingly stronger antibiotics were making it more and more difficult for the infection to improve.

Why? It’s not just that antibiotics don’t always cure infections. They can actually worsen them. When taken frequently, they may trigger mutations in bacteria, making those bacteria resistant. Stronger and stronger antibiotics are then necessary to kill these bacteria–perhaps until none is left that works.

The solution to Matthew’s problem had nothing to do with drugs. It turned out that the boy had an allergic reaction to milk, which was congesting his ears and creating the infection. So we took him off milk. Presto! The infection disappeared.

Recent studies have confirmed that there is no different in outcome for children treated with antibiotics compared with those who weren’t treated at all.”
-Dr. Mark Hyman & Dr. Mark Liponis, Ultra-Prevention


If you are reading this and your child suffers from recurrent ear infections and you have been led to believes that antibiotics and tubes are your only options. There are OTHER TREATMENT OPTIONS:

1. For recurring ear infections, it’s best to try to find what is causing them and eliminate the cause/trigger. This is most often an allergy/sensitivity to pasteurized dairy.
Leo Galland, M.D., author of Super Immunity for Kids, says  “It is no accident that the most allergic generation in history has been raised on antibiotics”.  He believes that most earaches are the result of allergic inflammation and fluid back-up, rather than bacterial invasion.  Dr. Galland also believes that the use of antibiotics increases the rate of allergic reactions and resultant inflammation.  Studies cited in his book indicate that up to 70% of earaches suffered by children involve no bacteria at all, only inflammation.

2. Breastfeeding.  Did you know? “Babies who were exclusively breastfed had less acute respiratory infections, less ear infections, less thrush, fewer episodes of digestive infections, and fewer hospitalizations.”
This study was  different than others because it examined the effect of exclusive breastfeeding compared to partial breastfeeding with additional formula. Partial breastfeeding had no substantial protective effect. Apparently, formula feeding decreases immunity. The authors suggest that their findings indicate an immunomodulatory effect of breastfeeding “hampered by the introduction of formula feeding.”

3. See my earlier post on Ear Aches for the Garlic Oil Treatment

4. Collodial Silver 

5. Essential Oils. Young Living essential oils are great for treating ear aches and infections.
*Lavender and Melrose or Purification rubbed around the outside of the ear in a circular motion and down the side of the neck. (NEVER inside of ear)
*Lavender helps to encourage the fluid to drain that is causing the discomfort and to reduce the congestion.
*Melrose or Purification work to kill any infection that would try to take hold in the ear.
Use the oils often. Every fifteen minutes while symptoms are acute. Then reducing to every half hour and every hour. Do this for a few days until all symptoms are gone.
*Thieves, Frankincense, or ImmuPower on the bottoms of feet to boost immune system and kill infection.
*Deep Relief Roll-On, Copaiba, and/or Panaway can be applied around the outside of the ear for pain relief.
*Clove is excellent for swimmer’s ear due to its strong antimicrobial, antifungal, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

1 million children a year need tubes put in their ears. It’s time we start asking why?

P.S. When someone refers to “tubes”. These are childhood tubes:

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29 thoughts on “And then there were TUBES…

  1. I’ve found milk to be hard to digest and also mucus forming. I’m also a vegetarian and have been for over 30 years. It’s also been many years years since I had an antibiotic. I really don’t get sick except for a cold now and then. When I was a child, I had ear infections which my mother treated with olive oil (there was also a lot of garlic in our lives lol) so I agree totally with your assessment of the uselessness of antibiotics and the possibility of harm from their frequent use. Factory farming of animals also creates antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

  2. I was just thinking about this topic just this morning.
    In our generation, it was tonsils. Everyone “NEEDED” to have their tonsils removed. Give me a break! Our poor Mommas were brainwashed by their doctors and believed everything they said. So, all 6 and 7 years old had to undergo the knife to have a part of our bodies cut out. As if God made a mistake giving us tonsils. UGH!!!

  3. First, Prevnar doesn’t cause ear infections. it decreases infections from one strain, so, inherently the other strains rates go up.
    Second, surgery for tubes is only done after multiple ear infections in a short amount of time, which can ALSO cause hearing loss and scar tissue. Tubes are needed to aid in drainage since Eustachian tubes in children are flatter/straighter and don’t drain as well as in adults (hence the “growing out of” ear infections).
    Thirdly, any GOOD ENT will suggest allergy tests/medicine and reducing/eliminating dairy. for many, that’s not the answer.
    Fourthly, any good ENT or pedi will NOT prescribe antibiotics immediately for an ear infection unless there’s a history of chronic infections or other respiratory infection.
    Fifthly (is that a word?), I would NEVER put silver in my child’s body, it accumulates and shows no scientific proof of working. and breastfeeding isn’t a cure-all/prevent-all, many EBF children still develop ear infections. Garlic? worth a try, but if an infection is left untreated for too long it can cause hearing loss and damage to the ear. not to mention the discomfort to the child!

    • 1. “First, Prevnar doesn’t cause ear infections. it decreases infections from one strain, so, inherently the other strains rates go up”

      RESPONSE: You answered your own statement. Prenvar INCREASES the rate of ear infections.

      2. “Second, surgery for tubes is only done after multiple ear infections in a short amount of time, which can ALSO cause hearing loss and scar tissue. Tubes are needed to aid in drainage since Eustachian tubes in children are flatter/straighter and don’t drain as well as in adults (hence the “growing out of” ear infections)”

      RESPONSE: Yes, kids now get multiple ear infections in a short amount of time. Guess what else kids get multiple doses of in a short amount of time? Vaccines.
      Children were born with defective ears that don’t know how to drain until they are adults. There is a REASON why the child’s ears are not draining properly and why they are getting ear infections. Tubes is nothing more than masking the symptoms to a problem. Figure out the problem. Tubes are not the answer.

      3. “Thirdly, any GOOD ENT will suggest allergy tests/medicine and reducing/eliminating dairy. for many, that’s not the answer”

      RESPONSE: Whats the answer?

      4. “Fourthly, any good ENT or pedi will NOT prescribe antibiotics immediately for an ear infection unless there’s a history of chronic infections or other respiratory infection”

      RESPONSE: Disagree. Every child I know who is taken to a ped for an ear infection is immediately put on antibiotics. Pediatricians are taught to diagnose an ear infection if the inside of a child’s ear is pink or red. You can bring in a perfectly healthy baby who has been crying for 30 minutes, stick the ear instrument in their ear, see the color red (from crying), and diagnose it as an ear infection. It’s as simple as that. What happens next? Antibiotics are prescribed.
      Antibiotics are used to treat bacteria. Most ear infections are NOT bacterial. When a child has an ear infection that is viral or caused by inflammation or fluid back-up, the antibiotics are not necessary and will not help. However, they are still almost always prescribed. Antibiotics & pain relievers contribute to more ear infections than anything else.

      5. “Fifthly (is that a word?), I would NEVER put silver in my child’s body, it accumulates and shows no scientific proof of working”

      RESPONSE: 100% disagree about silver. My research proves different.

      6. “And breastfeeding isn’t a cure-all/prevent-all, many EBF children still develop ear infections.

      RESPONSE: Yes, I know a lot of vaccinated EBF babies who develop ear infections. Especially when they are given Tylenol before/after shots.

      7. “Garlic? worth a try, but if an infection is left untreated for too long it can cause hearing loss and damage to the ear.

      RESPONSE: Garlic works. Especially when done using coconut oil as the medium. Having both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. According to the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, in over twenty-five years of pediatric practice, he never saw a case of permanent hearing loss as the result of ear infections.

      8. “Not to mention the discomfort to the child!”

      RESPONSE: There are many ways to help with the discomfort. Our favorite is homeopathic chamomile tablets. What’s yours?

      Thanks for your input!

      • 1: increasing rates of other in other strains does not equal greater number of ear infections in general.
        2: Show me that there are more ear infections now than 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 50 years ago?
        3: the answer is waiting the child to “grow out of them”, antibiotics and/or tubes until the child does “grow out of them”
        4: I’m sorry you have only experienced “old fashioned” or poor doctors. of the three pedis (two practices), an allergist, an immediate care doc and an ENT, we HAVE been told to wait to see if it clears up on its own. and why would your child be crying for 30 minutes before the doc seeing them? my son never cried until they stick the instrument in his ear. Also, not sure where you are getting that MOST ear infections are not caused by bacteria.

        5: silver is good for burns and catheters. but that’s it:
        6: tylenol shouldn’t be given before/after shots, UNLESS a fever or pain is obvious. all three pedi’s we’ve seen for shots has told us this
        7: I wouldn’t trust anything from Dr. Mendelsohn
        8: cuddles are usually enough for my son. if it’s not, tylenol. but, he’s never needed anything besides antibiotics and/or drops for ear infections.

      • How about you continue to do what works for you (ear infections & antibiotics) and I’ll continue to do what works for me (4 kids and not a single ear infection or an antibiotic).

        I don’t have to “show you anything”. It’s called research. If I could find those facts, so can you.
        Like the fact that tylenol should NOT be given under any circumstance before or after shots, EVEN when fever or pain is obvious. Research the glutathione.

        You lost all credibility when you said you don’t trust anything from Dr. Mendelsohn. Our medical community is in dire need of THINKING pediatricians like Dr. Mendehlson.

        I will continue to use silver, any day over antibiotics.

        And yes, increasing rates of strains DOES equal greater number of infections. It’s a well-known fact that ear infections are more prevalent within vaccinated children.

        Best of luck to you!

      • I have been using Colloidal Silver for my family now for 2 years. Within the two years, not one member of my family has suffered from a virus, bacteria or fungus. (We are a family of 3 little children) Amazing stuff. Hospitals use Colloidal silver on burn patients because they admit it heals the tissue 50% faster and decreases infection my 100%. I would suggest looking into that. I personally believe that Colloidal Silver would turn the medical industry belly-up if they used it for everyday disease and illnesses. It would also put many people out of a job. Hmmm, I wonder why they don’t go there.

        After my 4 year old son screamed and cried at the park because his ear hurt, we came home and I heated up olive oil with garlic. As soon as it was cool, I placed drops in his ear for about 15 minutes. Within 30 minutes, he never mentioned his earache again. 3 years ago, I rushed him to the doctor and EVERY time my child was placed on antibiotics. Sometime for months at a time. *sign*

        Before I researched and became educated regarding the dangers of vaccines and modern day medicine, I ran to the doctor for everything and felt like such a good mommy when I walked out with my prescriptions for my babies. It was never ending. Constantly going to the doctor for something. I am so thankful to remind everyone, we have been doctor FREE for 2 full years! That does not just happen by chance. Jess, THANK YOU for your diligent research and your gift to communicating the truth so us moms can learn and empower each other to swim against the current. It’s amazing how strong you become and learning never gets old. Just more exciting everyday! Seriously. I love it!!

  4. My daughter had started on the ear infection roller coaster and I quickly figured out that antibiotics were not the answer and were actualy exacerbating the situation. The natural advice that I was given was garlic oil…natures antibiotic. The very first time I put some drops in her ears her eyes widened and she smiled. Unlike waiting 24 hours or more for antibiotics to kick in, the relief from garlic oil was instant. In two days the ear infection, pain, and fever were gone. We did the same thing 2 or 3 more times, and in fact when it would start she would come up to me and tilt her head and say “magic ear drops please”. Each time the infections were shorter and farther apart. Then, no more chronic ear infections in fact no more ear infections ever again. Antibiotics were never really needed and they certainly were no answer.

    • AWESOME! Yes, I hear this SAME story all the time. Antibiotics are extremely overprescribed, a lot of times from an improperly diagnosed ear infection (not knowing if it’s viral or bacterial). And not only are the antibiotics ineffective in actually treating the ear infection, they lead to future ear infections. Good for you for seeking natural advice!

  5. (for some reason I can’t reply to your comment)
    No ear infections for a year now. Because of tubes.
    When you make a claim, you need to back it up. when a reader asks where you got your information from, you should provide it.
    If you have 50% of cases of ear infections from one strain (lets say 100 cases), and 50% from another (another 100), and say a vaccine reduces strain 1 by half, then that’s 50 cases and 100 cases. which is 33.333% and 66.66%. so, you see how the rate of the non-vaccine preventable infection rate goes up?
    And, it’s also on you to back up your claim that ear infections are more prevalent in vaccinated children too.

    • Erica, You are not a “reader”. You are someone who comes to another persons personal blog, not to learn, but to disagree. Why are you here? You started this conversation off, with your list of 5 corrective statements, as if you were “teaching” me. You are here to disagree. We do not agree on health and healing. And that is ok. But I owe you nothing. If you were genuinely interested in learning, I might be more open to leading you in the direction of truth. But you seem to have already all the answers. How about you show me your research that shows when 1 million kids each year got tubes in their ears…10 years ago, 20 years ago, or 50 years ago?

      As far as saying Prenvar causes the “non-vaccine preventable infection rate to go up”. Are you referring to the non-vaccine preventable rate of ear infections? I recommend researching this vaccine, as it is promoted AS the “ear ache vaccine”, implying that by giving your child this vaccine, they will be protected from ear aches. When it reality, this vaccine causes quite the opposite. At least 6 vaccines list ear infections as a reported adverse vaccine reactions. You can find this information on the vaccine package insert or VAERS.

      Again, your child suffered repeat ear infections, was given antibiotics, and finally tubes. I can understand how the truth at this point can be offensive. If this way of health works for you, then maybe stick to blogs that support your way of thinking (that antibiotics and tubes are the answer). I’ve chosen to research what REALLY causes ear infections, and therefore have avoided them with all 4 of my children.

      Again, best of luck to you!

      “At least half of all U.S. children have had otis media by their first birthday. By age six, 90% have had it. This condition accounts for 26,00,00 visits to physicians every year. In addition, about 1,000,000 have tubes inserted in their ears every year. Thus $1,000,000,000 is spent every year on this operation. Just imagine what it means if this is all, or mostly all, caused by the pertussis vaccine. This particular glue ear of otis was not known in American medical practice before the late 1940s or early 50s… In other words the time the pertussis vaccine was introduced.”
      -Harris Coulter PhD, Medical Historian, ‘Why the P in DPT May be Hazardous to Your Child’s Health’

      • geez…guess she finally took the hint to leave…that made my head hurt. Jess, you are awesome and I love you:) I also love colloidal silver and garlic for earaches. And recently let what I am pretty sure was an ear infection in my 2 year old run its course. It was a rough 7 days but he got through it without antibiotics. He was also cutting a molar so that produced a lot of miserableness for everyone. He may not have had an infection but had I taken him to the dr, they would have treated him for that I am sure. And our pediatrician told us a few years ago, “well, its a little pink and I see a little fluid, lets go ahead and treat it like its an ear infection” then she said, ” the next time he comes in like this, we’ll discuss tubes” and thats when I said, NO THANK YOU and haven’t been back. the garlic and colloidal silver have worked. anyway, just thought I would share:)

      • That’s awesome Leah! Thanks for sharing! Yeah, ear infections are improperly & overdiagnosed all the time. Garlic and colloidal silver will go a lot further than antibiotics any-day! I love informed mommas such as yourself. You go girl!

  6. I have to completely disagree with about 90% of the information that you are putting out here. First of all, I should explain that this is coming from a parent that has a one year old baby that was exclusively breastfed for 9months. My son had frequent ear infections. A total of 5 within this first year, all of which occurred within the first 9months of his life. He has (thank God) not had an ear infection in the past 4 months. Each time he had an ear infection, I would be up with him all night listening to him literally squealing in pain. Then as soon as we got him on antibiotics, he was a totally different child. Right back to the old kid I knew. To put out there that antibiotics are ‘bad’, is a dangerous path to go down.

    • Lisa, It’s ok to disagree. I guess you just have to ask yourself, why did your son have 5 ear infections in his first year of life? That’s the real issue.

      As far as the treatment option you choose, I disagree with thinking that antibiotics are the only option. I know children who cry in pain, but instead of being up with them all night and waiting for a doctors appointment to prescribe antibiotics, I know children who are given a different treatment. After receiving garlic/coconut oil drops, these children are instantly relieved from pain and the amazing healing benefits of coconut oil and garlic heal the ear infection within hours. Those children are MY children. I don’t believe a child has to wait through the night in miserable pain, because we believe the lie that the only option for treatment and pain relief is antibiotics. That saddens me.

      Most ear infections are viral, therefore not only are antibiotics not an appropriate treatment option, they are not effective.

      The best way to get repeat ear infections is from the use of antibiotics. Perhaps that was the reason your son experienced so many.

      Giving a child 5 rounds of antibiotics in the first year of life, and thinking that is a good thing or normal, is scary. We are overusing antibiotics for all the wrong reasons, and are raising up a generation of children who are resistent to antibiotics. That is a dangerous path to go down.

      Best of luck to you.

      • Your own words: “*I share this humbly and gratefully. I have 4 children. We have never experienced ear infections, antibiotics, or tubes. Do not accept “normal” for what is right.”

        Then again in the comment above, your own words: “After receiving garlic/coconut oil drops, these children are instantly relieved from pain and the amazing healing benefits of coconut oil and garlic heal the ear infection within hours. Those children are MY children.”

        So which is it? Have your children NEVER had an ear infection, or have your children just never been officially diagnosed with an ear infection because you treat them from home. Those are two entirely different scenarios and you’re contradicting yourself!

      • Ear discomfort and ear aches are not the same as an ear “infection”. My children have never been diagnosed with an ear “infection”. And we treat ear issues from home. Whether you want to focus in on the word infection is up to you. Not at all contradicting myself. I’m sorry you assumed that.

      • I encourage you to read my Fevers & Ear Aches post, where I very clearly share how my children have complained of their ears hurting maybe twice. I’m sorry you have assumed so many false things. May I ask why you spend your time reading a blog that you do not agree with? And why you feel the need to take the time to comment about the many things you disagree with?

      • Are you seriously comparing a multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to essential oils? I’m sorry the truth about natural health and healing offends you so much.

    • Lisa, you are free to learn from a different blog. This is my personal family blog. I have no clue who you are. The children I spoke about receiving the garlic/olive oil drops are MY children, so I have first hand experience with everything I write about. I write about what works for me & MY children. And you are correct, I will not post your last comment.

  7. Ok, fine. You are right. I should listen to you and not trained professionals.

    Maybe my child had ear infections because…you have no way of saying and neither do I. And it’s funny bc he had antibiotics each time, and each time he was better within a few days and hasn’t had one in more than 7months…so I guess those evil antibiotics have stopped causing his ear infections.

    I think it’s great that you try to educate families about vaccines…question things…but you are not the all knowing and should not speak on things that you admittedly don’t have any first hand experience with. And lay off the doctors and people who don’t think like you. You are just as rude and nasty to them as you claim they are to you. There’s a much more humble approach that might actually get your point across….there are bible verses on that too ;)

    You may not post this bc as you say you don’t post negative…don’t want to hurt your ego or have to remember that you may, just may, be wrong about some of this…you want to lead more people to believe that you, “speak the truth”…only you….and you have only people backing you up….whatever the reason… cowardly. Either way, it makes no difference to me. I will NEVER go on this website again.

  8. Thanks Jessica. I have enjoyed learning more from you. When my l/o or I start having a running nose, or she or I start having ear pain, I put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear, and the sinuses clear up and the ear pain is gone. I have also put collodial in my ear and in my eye. I use to be one that ran to the Dr. each time, and was never so thankful to get my antibiotics and feel better. However, if I can use alternative methods, I WILL ALWAYS do that. It may take a day or two longer, but I also know my insides are so much thankful.

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  10. What helps my own ear infections is simply hydrogen peroxide. An ear problem is usually preceded by a cold or flu, and then goes into one or both of my ears. I pour about 1/4 of a capful of hydrogen peroxide into an ear at a time , grab some tissue, and lie down to rest until the bubbling sound ends, then I let it drain into the tissue. Then I take a nap. The pain is always gone when I wake up. Forget antibiotics!

  11. I’ve posted a comment before about this but can’t find it anywhere. The more I read your posts the more I know I was vaccine injured as a child and my parents never put 2 and 2 together. I am 33 years old now but it’s as if a light has gone on in my head. As a baby I ended up in hospital with a severe ear infection with chronic diarrhea, this happened not long after I had a vaccine administered. It really was touch and go at that point. I barely survived it. Later on I developed severe asthma along with food allergies. My siblings nor my parents or any other family members have a history of this. Then at the tender age of 6 I had a very severe asthma attack. Mum took me to a different doctor then our normal GP and this man, annoyed that I inconvenienced him and woke him up in the middle of the night, said to my mother that I would never wake another doctor up again and proceeded to administer a dose of cortisone not even an adult should have received. To this day I will never forget him bending over me and giving me those 2 massive injections and I will never forget those words either. As if I had asked to be so sick and loved the wheezing and not being able to breathe.

    The cortisone wrecked havoc with my little body. I went from being a normal, slender child to being 3 times my weight in a very short space of time, my eye sight diminished rapidly. Within a year I had a correction of -7.00 in both eyes. Kidney problems, bad body odour (very pungeant sweat smell), I developed breasts very early, had my first period at just ten years old. Due to rapid weight gain I had angry, red stretch marks on my stomach – some as wide as 1 cm. My asthma had gone but I developed a whole range of other allergies.
    The way cortisone ruined my body also ruined my outlook on life and the way I saw myself. I became withdrawn and have struggled my whole life with hating the body I live in. So much happened in such a short space of time to me that I had no way of processing everything.

    I have read and researched so much over the last few days since first discovering your blog. Thank you for all the information you have posted. I know first hand how pushy doctors can be and when a parent is at their wits end and scared of what is happening to their child will allow anything and believe these people without a second thought only to regret that forced decision when the damage is done.

    I’m adamant that when I have children in the near future I will make a very informed decision and watch over them that none of the above or the other things I have read will happen to my children.

    Thanks again for all the time you put into this and extending your knowledge.

    Kind Regards,

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