Measles Shmeasles…

People ask me all the time if I fear my children contracting measles?

I first answered this question in a post 2 years ago, called “Do You Fear Measles?” You can read that post (HERE)

This post is an update to my original post and I’m also addressing two current breaking news stories concerning measles.

1) There is this article circulating, about why people who don’t vaccinate their children should get sued or sent to jail. Haha! The article is opinion based and beyond ridiculous. I honestly couldn’t get through the first sentence.

What if a mother decided not to vaccinate her daughter for measles, based on rumors that the vaccine causes autism, and her daughter gets the disease at the age of 4 and passes it to a 1-year-old, who is too young for the vaccine, at her day care center. And what if that baby dies?

What if a mother decides TO vaccinate her daughter for measles, based on rumors that vaccines are safe and effective, and her daughter gets the disease, (because that is very common for vaccinated children to still get the disease), in fact according to the World Health Organization, “the odds are about 15 times greater than measles will strike those who are vaccinated against the disease than those who are left alone”. Or what if her vaccinated daughter spreads the disease, (because that too is very common for vaccinated individuals to shed live virus vaccines). In fact, the CDC has admitted that “measles transmission has been clearly documented among vaccinated persons. In some large outbreaks…over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination”. And what if that vaccinated child shed the live measles virus to a 1-year-old, who is too young for the vaccine, at her day care center. And what if that baby dies?

2) And now the latest “outbreak” in Texas. 16 people are ill from measles. Half of them are adults. 5 of them were vaccinated. Symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat. You must panic. And blame the unvaccinated. Even though 98% of that county is properly vaccinated, the herd is still not immune. The only solution must be to go get vaccinated. Again. And again. And again. Even adults who had measles as a child and received permanent, lifelong immunity. You must get vaccinated too. Even though you are already immune. Everyone must get vaccinated. But first make sure you are fearful and panicked.

It’s odd; measles just can’t seem to go away.


In 1967, during a measles campaign, the CDC said:
“Effective use of this vaccine during the coming winter and spring should insure the eradication of measles from the United States in 1967”.
The cutesy slogan read “Stop measles with just one shot”.

 Stop measles with just one shot and we can eradicate it in 1967?
Hmmm…fast forward 46 years…

The measles vaccine is now given as a 3 in 1 shot, the MMR.
In 2011, we added a third MMR vaccine onto the childhood schedule, and also put it on the adult vaccination program as a regular booster. A kid entering Kindergarten must now have received two MMR vaccines.

What happened to eradicating measles by 1967 and only needing “just one shot”?

Usually this question leads to the whole  “herd immunity” argument. The CDC says that measles outbreaks can be avoided if 70-80% of the population is vaccinated.
Blah, blah, blah…

Look people…the herd is immune.
For 46 years the herd has been immune.
And it aint workin!

One shot didn’t work. Two shots didn’t work.
And let me guess…that third shot isn’t working either.

Outbreaks still occur in communities where 97% of the population is “protected”, but who cares about that…let’s just keep saying “herd immunity” and make them think it’s normal that it’s taken longer than 46 years to eradicate.


Here is the sad part. We took a relatively mild childhood disease and decided to play God.

Measles was a disease that if contracted naturally, then permanent and lifelong immunity would be gained. Before the measles vaccine, mothers who contracted measles naturally would develop protective antibodies and passes those along to her baby who would then be naturally protected from measles for the first 15 months of life. That’s why measles was never a risk to babies. Before the vaccine was introduced, less than half of 1% of babies contracted measles.

Less than half of 1%.

Today, 30% of all measles cases are in babies less than one year of age.
The age in which children are most at risk from measles.

taking a baby on vacation

We took a relatively mild viral illness (disease) that God created for us to contract naturally, which served a greater purpose (see last paragraph of post), to pass protective antibodies to our babies, and we traded it for a manmade, fake, temporary, and ineffective vaccine, that isn’t even available to a baby for “protection” until they are 12-15 months.

We really screw things up when we try to play God.

Is measles dangerous?
Yes, it can be in malnourished children living in undeveloped countries.
Yes, it can be impoverished areas with poor nutrition and no sanitation.
And no the vaccine is still not the answer. Malnourished children living in impoverished areas need food and clean water. Not a measles vaccine.

A study was done on African children with measles. Half the children received vitamin A, the second group received the routine treatment. Guess what group faired better? Mortality rates in the Vitamin A group were cut in half.

“Data shows that one-third to one-half of the millions of deaths in children across the world, caused by measles, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, AIDS, & malaria, are due to undernutrition, not undervaccination”

And to think… the measles death rate had declined on it’s own by 98% before the measles vaccine was introduced. I know, I know…what about the incidence rate?
Why does that matter? It wasn’t a deadly disease when we introduced the vaccine.
I thought vaccines were meant to “save millions of lives”.

measles graph

Anyone remember the 2008 San Diego Measles outbreak?
One of my favorite articles written during that time said this: “Some infants caught measles before they were old enough to even be vaccinated”. Isn’t it a shame that because of the vaccine, mothers can no longer pass immunity onto their babies for the first 15 months of life, which ultimately leaves young babies at risk of contracting measles before they are old enough to receive the vaccine that is going to “protect” them?
But have no fear…the article went on to conclude: “Fortunately, all measles cases passed without complications, as is usually the cases with measles”.

Wait a minute, are you telling me that if my child were to contract measles, they would still be ok? And they would gain natural, permanent, lifelong immunity?

Why am I so scared of a measles outbreak?

Hmmm….I can give my child 9 shots (3 doses of a 3-in-1 shot) for a disease that is not deadly, that a child is more likely to catch if they are vaccinated, that doesn’t offer permanent immunity, and that has high risks associated with the shot including seizures, encephalitis, blood disorders, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, inflammatory bowel disease, and many other severe allergic reactions.


Also, did you know there are benefits of contracting measles? Having measles not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours. Did you know that asthma and allergies are prevented by the natural measles disease? Read more (HERE) 

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108 thoughts on “Measles Shmeasles…

  1. I LOVE your wonderful family, your blog and everything you write about vaccines!! I am the happy mother of a completely unvaccinated 5 year old boy who is the healthiest child that I know! I am also writing and translating lots of stuff about vaccines on my Romanian blog, which is read by thousands of people.
    I would like to translate this article about measles for my blog, if I may. Also, I would need the official sources (links, screenshots) for these quotes:

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!

  2. Completely insane. My son had the measles last month, at 17 months old, and fought them off without any difficulties. My daughter turns 3 in November and is on day 4 of the measles. They both had fevers for 3-4 days with little appetite but were fine after that, once the spots started to show. My kids have had the flu worse than they did the measles.

    • I thought she did when she said that moms will pass antibodies to the baby? I thought breastfeeding was implied there, unless it meant in utero.

    • She did, she just didn’t say breast feeding.
      “Before the measles vaccine, mothers who contracted measles naturally would develop protective antibodies and passes those along to her baby who would then be naturally protected from measles for the first 15 months of life.”
      The only way for a mother to naturally protect her child from a disease would be through the breast milk.

  3. love your thinking!!!! just left the doctors with my daughter who will be six. she had not had the MMR or chicken pox and im ok with that!!

  4. Would you be kind enough to post links to your WHO and CDC references please? I’ve never heard of the statistics you have quoted and would love to follow them up. Many thanks!

    • Reference: FDA workshop. (September 18, 1992)
      Admission by Dr. William Atkinson, Senior Epidemiologist, CDC

      Years and years of vaccine research has shown me that evidence continues to get buried. Online research is not thorough enough. Statistics from valid sources & government references can be found in any library. Many, many, many publications can be found. WHO, 1978 (publication found at library).

      The library is a great place to pull up resources and references not found on the internet today.

      • Looks like we replied at the same time! Do you have any screenshot or exact reference for me to find this publication in a German library, for instance?
        I’ve taken the habit of documenting everything, because, as you say, evidence is getting buried, links suddenly disappear etc.
        Thanks so much!

    • I found the source of the CDC quote, seems to be on pag. 120, Vaccine Safety Manual For Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, Neil Z. Miller (
      However, you know how the vaxxers are, you have to smash them on the head with government sites and they still deny everything, so yes, I’d love to have some original links or screenshots as well, to put them on my blog, especially since I also found another blog (will not link it here) which denies any WHO quote like the one in the post above and quotes opposite declarations from WHO :-(

  5. Would love to share this with all my pro vaccine friends, but def need sources for statistics in order for them to swallow ;)
    Thank you!

    • You can see UK data for measles deaths since 1940 which show that in the 25 years before vaccination began, death rates had dropped by over 90% already. If you look at US data for 100 years before, it’s over a 99% drop. Also the risk of dying in a developed country sits at 0.0002%, which means if the entire PLANET was developed and everyone got measles tomorrow, only 14,000 people would die, leaving 6,999,986,000 people with lifetime immunity.

      I know that saying “only 14,000″ sounds callous, but I’m just trying to illustrate the sheet lunacy of vaccine zealots who scream from the rooftops that millions will start dying were we to stop vaccinating, statistics don’t back that up.

  6. My mom doesn’t produce an immunity to measles, she had them when she was pregnant with me and anytime she comes into contact with a kid shedding the virus because they were recently vaxed. She has had it 12 times in her life guess what she is just fine.

  7. Great post! I shared this with my friends/fam. Thanks for putting so much time and info into one place. (And I agree! I am going to just say it..I have a son with autism and I blame vaccines. I know others will disagree but it’s what we overnight different kid. Eye contact, happy, responsive…got the eye contact, unhappy, banging his head, unresponsive, that next day. That’s all the proof I need.) And fwiw, my Yorkie even had a severe reaction to a vaccine…not just people!

  8. Well researched, well written! You notice how most of the articles about the outbreak in TX don’t even mention that some of the people were immunized? The ones I’ve read, anyway….

  9. I wish vaccines weren’t drilled into most peoples heads. My son is 2 and I know he has more vaccines to go but I’m done. He is done getting shots now, I don’t care that there are more. I do know that the only real reason I got him vaccinated is because he wouldn’t be able to go to public school without them. I wish that wasn’t the reason.

      • Unfortunately West Virginia and Mississippi only allow for Medical exemptions, trying to get one of those from a pediatrician if you don’t actually have a medical condition, pretty hard.

      • Yup, WV and Mississippi are harsh with that. Honestly, if homeschooling or private school is not an option, I would move states. I know it’s hard, easier said than done, etc. However, so is lifelong care for a paralyzed autistic child and, God forbid, losing a child to a vaccine reaction.
        You know, something I’ve thought many times: West Virginia and Mississippi ought to be known for the healthiest, highest-achieving kids (think huge numbers going to Harvard, proportionally) with their strictness with vaccines. Why is this not the case?

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  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The only other thing I would add would be the concerns some have over the aborted fetal cell lines some vaccines (including the MMR) are grown in.

    I worked for 2 years in our state to try to change vaccine exemption legislation. It is tiring, sometimes thankless work, and while we didn’t change our current laws we raised a lot of awareness. Baby steps.

    Thanks for sharing, and BLESSINGS!

    • Yes Monica! Such a good point. The aborted fetal cells were only used for the Rubella portion, but since Merck refuses to make separate measles and mumps vaccines like they used to, our choice has become vaccinate against all or none (I’m okay with choosing none ;) In case anyone is interested, here is a great chart (updated March of 2013) with all the vaccines that use aborted fetal cells, along with alternatives (if one exists)

  12. BAM! So good. Could not have said it better myself. My 9 month old had the measles a few months ago. It was mild and no big deal. From what I can tell, he passed it to his 2 year old brother, who’s was even more mild. I am so grateful they contracted it. Now they have the natural antibodies for life! I can only hope that somehow, if I have daughters, they too can get it so that when they are pregnant, they will be able to pass the antibodies to their babies in utero and through breastfeeding, you know, the natural way.

    Keep telling the truth. You are obviously not alone in this!! I love what you said about us taking a mild disease and trying to play God. In doing so we aren’t trusting our bodies to work they way God designed them to!!

    I fully believe, now that I’ve done so much research on measles, that what they did with the measles vaccine is what is currently taking place with chicken pox. You and I know from first hand experience that it’s not a dangerous disease. Only 100 people a year died from it. And now, because of vaccines, you and I and all adults are at a far greater risk of contracting shingles. Oh, it all just makes me so mad!!

  13. Excellent!! It’s always encouraging to read a post like this after seeing 10+ headlines using the bully method of the media. Every mom wants the best for her kid but moms can start to second guess as well. Thanks for your work!

    Do you mind if I pin this to my Pinterest board? I didn’t see that you had a “pin it” button and I don’t pin unless asking if I don’t.

  14. Thank you for your writing and for your research. The time you have taken through the years is helping us all be better informed and know how to help spread and plant seeds of truth!

  15. My children were all vaccinated against measles back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and they all got measles. The doctor gave the lame excuse of there being many different types of measles. It was lame then, and it’s lame now. The vaccine does not guarantee the child will not get the disease, but it does GUARANTEE that the child will be injected with toxins which may harm the child, and might even cause death.

  16. Love your articles! Another thing that worries me is that we seem to be heading the same way with chicken pox and vaccinations. Scare tactics are used to make these normal childhood illnesses sound like deadly diseases and people are starting to believe it. I was chatting a young mum a few weeks ago who didn’t even know what rubella was and was vaccinating against it because her doctor had made it and measles/mumps sound life threatening. People seem to be starting to forget that these are normal illnesses.

  17. What really bothers me is that nearly every pro-vaccine article I read implies parents who do not vaccinate are just worried about autism. Autism is the least of my concern with vaccines, and it’s insulting to assume that’s all parents are concerned about. It shows how little they understand about the anti-vaccine movement.

  18. Love this!
    I have heard a lot of this information before, but as others have asked I would really love to know your sources; especially for the direct quotes. I agree with your statements but I really can’t pass on your blog as a valid argument to some people I’ve been talking to without references…

    • This blog does not even begin to touch the surface on the research that has been done on measles. Please start with the “Vaccine Safety Manual: For Concerned Families and Health Practitioners”. The chapter on measles alone comes with 244 references. Journal of Infectious Diseases, Weekly Epidemiology Records, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Epidemiology, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, Journal of Gastroenterology, Epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, British Medical Journal, Institute of Medicine, etc…

      This blog is not a research paper. I encourage you to please research on your own. I am sure the same conclusions will be reached.

      • I have done a lot of research and we do not vaccinate. It was more of a friendly encouragement to be a bit better… especially if you are going to direct quote.
        But hey, it’s not a research paper, just a blog.

      • My hope is that this blog would not be passed to others in an attempt to “prove” anything one way or another. My hope is that after reading something like this, that it would cause the person to 1. Think Differently 2. Conduct their own diligent research on vaccines. As you know, this decision is one of the most important decisions we can make for our children, so I would never want a blog post to make a decision for people. I wrote a post called I Hope You’ve Done Your Research, ( where I share how I hope others conduct the research as well.

        I have found that a lot of people want research spoon fed to them. Especially the people who will never agree with you, they just want to demand sources, I guess so they can continue to debate. No matter how much “proof” you give them, it will never be enough. I have no desire to waste my time or energy on those types of mindsets.

        I agree, I can can source direct quotes. What’s interesting though, if you read the CDC website now or WHO publications now, you will never find the quotes that they once said. Doesn’t mean they never said it, it just means they’ve gotten a lot better at burying truth. I’m thankful for the summers I spent digging up research at a library. The CDC quote was from an FDA workshop, (which I referenced in an earlier comment) and the WHO quote can be found in both Vaccine Safety Manual and How To Raise A Healthy Child In spite of your Doctor, both books.

        In the last few days, I’ve been given links to different CDC and WHO info, in an attempt to (I’m not really sure, I guess “change my stance”) and these links source and reference NOTHING. Anything they do reference is referenced back to their own studies. It’s a joke actually.

        Many blessings to you!

  19. Yes! On spot, and definitely something worth sharing. Until I did the research myself, my husband and I also thought about vaccinating our children. All the advice our doctors gave was the same, vaccination vaccination vaccination. Reading up on it gave us other ideas, however. Even if society puts you down for not vaccinating, stay strong! Dealing with the constant pressure of putting this poison in our dear ones is so tiresome. Unless they come up with something that doesn’t put our kids in danger of all kinds of side effects, we’re not caving in. Mothers know what their kids needs. But big pharma “always” knows whats best, right??

  20. I agree: “We really screw things up when we try to play God.” Personally, I call it “Nature”, but whatever we call this natural occurence of diseases…. we are NOT meant to try to cheat Nature! We will never outsmart Nature or God. Nature is already taking revenge on us oh-so “wise wise humans” (also true with GMOs, large-scale livestock farming, and anything else we humans have our hands in where we’re not supposed to or in a way that’s just not right) We have to stop being “scared” of nature and try to live along with it rather than above it. I love your article!

  21. I don’t understand why the media is proclaiming the measles outbreak at that church like it was a mass shooting. If 25% (or more) of the people who contracted the measles were already vaccinated what’s the point in getting the vaccination in the first place?
    My daughter is 13 months old and hasn’t had any vaccinations. I’ve heard way too many first had negative experiences from friends. Some had seizures, others had breathing problems or other issues as the result of their vaccinations. We have decided that when our daughter is older, she can decide for herself if she wants to get any vaccinations.

  22. My only fully vaccinated child contracted whooping cough this past winter at 16 y/o. None of my other four younger children caught it. The irony…

  23. I truly appreciate the insight you’ve shared with us in regards to measles & vaccinations. The state of Montana is trying to force me to immunize my child just so she can go to pre-school…yet after 6yrs of age, I can use a religious exemption. I am wholly against immunizations yet find myself start to think, well, maybe if I just do them one at a time…just so I can send her to school! It’s ridiculous. I wish I could just stay home with her, but that’s not a reality for us. Your article and all the comments below it have just reconfirmed for me that I am right and my decision is the best for my daughter. I will NOT be forced to do this horrible and unnecessary thing to my child!! I will find another way.

  24. This is almost the exact argument I make about the flu shot. Get the flu and lifetime immunity (to that and similar strains) or get a shot and risk the side effects every year.

  25. Thank you for such an easy to read, easy to understand piece which I can share. People around me are starting to question why they are vaccinating their kids, and I hope this allows them to understand natural immunity, and the benefits of having certain childhood diseases. In Victoria Australia the vaccination schedule has also just combined mmr with varicella so it’s now a 4 in 1!!! Live vaccines spread disease, but still, everyone blames the unvaccinated!!! Gaghhhh :(. Oh well, let our unvaccinated kid’s wonderful health show them all how “dangerous” it is to fight disease naturally :)!

    • Patricia,

      I honestly could not approve your comment because it exceeded the amount of space a comment allows. When I tried to copy and paste into a word document, it was over 5 pages long and said your comment was still not complete.

      I am also not exactly sure what the point of your comment was, since so many of your facts are wrong. But since you took the time to write a 5 page comment, I just wanted to point out a few of the things that you said that were wrong.

      1. No, it is not mothers who contract measles while pregnant. It is mothers who contracted measles previously.

      Mothers who previously contracted measles naturally, (not while pregnant, but previously) developed protective antibodies that are passed on to their children during birth. These babies are secure from measles for the first 15 months of life. –Pediatrics 1996: 53-68 (VSM)

      In 1963, before the measles vaccine was introduced, it was extremely rare for babies under one year old to develop measles. Their mothers had contracted the disease naturally so the babies were protected by maternal antibodies received at birth. By 1992, several years after the vaccine was introduced, fewer mothers had natural immunity and 28% of all cases were in infants –CDC (VSM)

      2. African study. You asked many many questions about this study. I encourage you to read the study. You will find all of your answers you are looking for. You can find the study in the British Medical Journal (January 31, 1987)

      3. No-one has ever said that the only way to eliminate measles is to have a 100% vaccination rate. The CDC has said anywhere from 70% -90% and we have exceeded that for years now. The WHO has said 95%. We still see outbreaks in communities that exceed that.

      I agree though with your comment that read: “it is our job to become informed consumers and make that decision to get a vaccine which has a .0033% chance of death or contract a disease that has a .002% chance of death”

      Best wishes!

  26. Hi! I love your site and really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and encouraging others to do more research into vaccines. We are a non-vaxxing family as well :)

    I just wanted to ask a small question on your wording for something in this post… you said “We took a disease that God created for us to contract naturally…”

    Did you really mean that God created diseases? My personal belief is that disease was not part of God’s design, and that they are a result of the fall of mankind through sin. I don’t really care to have a theological debate – I’m more just curious if that was what you really meant of if the phrasing just came out wrong. I realize this is not the point of the post – it just caught my attention as I was reading.

    Thanks! :)

    • Thank-you for asking your question in a respectable manner. I moderate comments on this blog, so that the conversation will always stay positive. I do not mind for others to disagree or ask questions, but it needs to be asked in respectable manner such as this. And for that, I will take the time to answer your question.

      Measles is a relatively mild illness, that serves a greater purpose once contracted naturally. Have you done extensive research on measles? If not, my comment about God may seem confusing. If you have, you will know that measles is not a “bad” thing. Maybe that’s where the confusion lies.

      The best example I can give is when my children are sick with a high fever. I don’t necessary like the high fever (and if I didn’t know better, I might be fearful over the fever) but I know that God created that fever to fight the sickness. God also created bodies to experience sickness, as a powerful way to build the immune system. I believe people are so fearful over the world sickness or in this case “disease”, that we would never want to believe God has anything to do with it.

      I guess it’s understanding that measles isn’t exactly a disease (like cancer or AIDS). Those are manmade diseases. Measles is a natural virus that serves a greater purpose.

      Ofcourse God also created everything we need to treat and prevent illnesses from becoming harmful or deadly. Measles is both preventable and treatable, and when contracted naturally, measles not only gives the person permanent lifelong immunity, but also gives the person immunity to pass to their children. Measles also gives immunity to many other more threatening illnesses (which I shared a link at the bottom of this blog post).

      The main point is, we never needed a vaccine for measles and we really screwed things up trying playing God.

      During a recent trip to Uganda, we entered a village, where the children had received the measles vaccine the day before. These children were malnourished and needed food and water. Instead, they received vaccines. One of the little girls was covered head to toe in measles from the vaccine. She was miserable. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen.

      Bottom line: vaccines are not the answer.

      • A colleague on my trip from Uganda reminded me that the children had received the measles vaccine about a week prior, not the day before. And that more than one child contracted measles from the vaccine. Wanted to clarify.

      • Let’s also consider that when the body is in the right condition…healthy, physically and spiritually, dis-ease will have a hard time setting up shop.

        All the same, if we put ourselves in a place to be taken over by evil, well then we make ourselves a hospitable host to evil. Physically and spiritually.

        But also like Jess said, God does not always deliver us from all evil or pain and suffering. It builds us up and makes us more resilient and stronger.

        So while God did not create illness nor did he create sin, he did allow for us to be able to Use those for our own good. We can turn those trials and tribulations into triumph. We can use those illnesses to BUILD a stronger defense against WORSE illnesses.

        This is why childhood illnesses are said to BUILD the immune system and that those children are generally healthier in the end. But that is baring in mind that they are healthy to begin with and are not deficient due to food/nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins/stresses etc. THOSE are the kids whose immune systems have a harder time, but it still doesn’t mean they are vaccine deficient, it means they need more help to rebuild their immune system through again proper nutrition and detoxification etc.

  27. My husband is an M.D. and we did extensive research before our first daughter was born. Three kids later and only our oldest has had a vaccination– TD on her 7th birthday. Our oldest daughter also caught the chicken pox in the spring and the school nurse treated her like it was the scourge of the century. There needs to be a cultural shift here– it seems the pro-vaccine folks are just so angry that anyone would choose to do something differently. (Maybe deep down they feel insecure about their decision to vaccinate.) My husband himself says that we put way too much stock into what doctors’ say.

    • I agree. I know many many doctors who do not vaccinate their children. It’s a choice. Vaccines are a product. You either believe in the product or you don’t. I don’t consider my self anti-vaccine. I’m pro-safety and pro-effectiveness. Vaccines are neither of those. If they were, me & my kids would be the first ones lined up for this amazing product. I choose to immunize my children in a much safer and more effective way. Those who believe in vaccines as a form of immunization get very angry by those of us who don’t. Unvaccinated children should not be a threat to vaccinated children, if indeed vaccines worked. Many comments I receive from the pro-vaccine community are filled with anger. Why my decision is such a threat or so offensive I will never know. I feel sorry for them.

  28. Love this! Thanks for mentioning the Vaccine Safety Manual in your comments. I’ve read How to Raise a Healthy Child… but need to read it too. My mind is already made up, but I would like to have more information to help others be more educated. We vaccinated our son through age 3 before we knew any better (just doing what everyone else we know did/does) and we wish that we had known someone who would have given us this kind of information sooner rather than later. I appreciate all your research and hard work! You have a beautiful family!

  29. Love this! I didn’t vaccinate my child after the last dosage of six months, because I believe we’re having a vaccine induced autoimmune reaction. Unfortunately I didn’t connect the dots till six months. No more shots and this is very reassuring. Thank you for posting!

  30. This just spoke to my inner self tonight. I felt like I’m suffocated and just want to scream this revelation to everyone. It’s like knowing Jesus, once you know you can’t stop taking about Him/this!
    Ty for sharing! :)

    Sent from my iPhone

  31. My husband got measles a few years ago, he had the vaccine as a child… If I had to do it over again, I’d not give them to our daughter. But I followed the doctors scare tactics. But we haven’t had our daughter take the one they are suggesting (PUSHING) for girls to keep them from ovarian cancer. The pressure has been unreal, but we stood up and said, “NO MORE”. Now our daughter is 23, saving sex for marriage and still not taking that vaccine.

    • We have three daughters and have felt that pressure from the HPV vaccines squad – the school nurse went as far as taking our 13 yr old daughter to a separate room and asking her to explain why we weren’t allowing the vax. We were livid to say the least. Of course we’ve discussed our choice with our girls but its not their responsibility to have to explain that to anyone. Our daughter was scared and intimidated and was told “well you’re mother will be to blame when you die from ovarian cancer”. Who in their right mind says that to a child!! Once we sign the consent form that school send out that should be the end of it, its isn’t a school nurses place to question the consent form and if she wishes to do so she should contact us parents directly not harass our child. More repulsive behaviour to add to my ever growing list of despicable things that have been said to me/my family by health proffessionals over 19 yrs of parenting 7 children,

      • Wow, I’d be absolutely livid too and would have had a stern, bordering on threatening, chat with the school nurse afterwards. Makes my blood boil just reading your post. The nerve!

  32. Jessica, I love your blog. I was wondering if there is any way to contact you personally– I wanted to ask about the resources you’ve used for your research, because I want to read them too. I want to do my research but don’t feel that I’m very good at it (that is, I am not sure WHERE to find original studies and articles). Do you have a list of recommended resources?

    Thanks :)

  33. Wow! My daughter just turned me on to this blog, and I am so impressed by the thoughtful, reasoned, statistically supported post and comments. I’m a 63-year-old grandmother who had measles and chicken pox as a child. I remember being quite sick with both, but then it was over and forgotten. I wish I’d known my antibodies were passed to my daughters in utero and through my breast milk; I certainly wouldn’t have blindly had them vaccinated every time the pediatrician said it was time. Thank you for all this painstaking research and for arming today’s parents with the ammunition they need to stand up to their children’s physicians, schools, etc. God bless!!

  34. I think it is a bit harsh to blame the medical professionals for “playing God”. Should we stop trying to cure cancer or alzheimers or parkinsons? What if they discover a cure for one of these, make a prediction about what it’s affects will be over time, and they are wrong? Haven’t some vaccines actually succeeded at decreasing certain diseases? I’ll admit that my research on vaccines was limited to reading the Dr. Sears Vaccine book. We were living in rural Sub-Saharan Africa when my first was born, 3 hours from any real medical care and 2 days drive (or 3hour drive + a plane ride) from anything comparable to US medical care. I went to great lengths and expense to vaccinate my kids, because those disease are all very real where we lived. You are right that good nutrition would help in such places, but I can’t get upset about attempts to vaccinate there as well. You mentioned in a comment a girl in Uganda who had broken out with Measles from a vaccine and was miserable, but I thought you were advocating everyone just getting the measles because they are sort of good for you.

    • Gosh, I certainly did not say we should stop trying to find cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc… I’m sorry you assumed this.
      A few points….

      *Cancer is a manmade disease. Measles (a mild viral illness that serves a greater purpose when contracted naturally) is not comparable to a manmade disease like cancer. And there are cures to cancer. I know many, many people who have cured themselves of cancer. Measles too is preventable and treatable. The suggestion you are trying to make has nothing to do with vaccines. A measles vaccine was never the answer.

      *I too have spent much time in Africa and vaccines were the last thing I would choose to weaken my immune system. Clean water, nutrition, and sanitation will prevent disease much more effectively than any vaccine. I share about that here:

      *Contracting measles from a fake, manmade, live-virus vaccine that provides temporary immunity (like the little malnourished girl in Uganda who needed food and clean drinking water) is MUCH different than contracting the natural measles virus. HUGE difference. Contracting measles naturally not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours. Asthma and allergies are also prevented by the natural measles disease.

      And again, never did I “advocate everyone get measles”. Especially not from the vaccine.

      I’m sorry you assumed so many things in this post.

      I wish you the best in your journey to raising kids healthy.

    • Wait a minute, we’re trying to find a cure for cancer? Seems we’re trying only to find very slightly more effective forms of chemotherapy and spend more on radiation exposing devices under the guise of early detection all of which net the cancer industry continued billions and billions of dollars every year, while every cure that cannot be patented has been outlawed by the FDA to protect said cancer industry. For the vast majority of cancers the prognosis is no different today than it was 50 years ago. We are not trying to cure cancer, we’re ensuring a cure is never found. The FDA’s guidelines prohibit oncologists from even discussing things like cannabis oil for skin cancers, wheatgrass for stomach cancers, etc. Oncologists are only allowed to discuss cutting, poisoning and burning. If you need some good documented evidence of this, watch “Cut, Poison, Burn” the true story of Thomas Navarro.

      If you think you have contempt for the FDA now, wait until after you see how they treated this family that only wanted to choose the right care for their son.

      • Exactly. The people I know who have cured themselves from cancer have used very powerful alternative treatments that do not involve chemo or radiation. Have you seen the Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business documentary? Excellent documentary. I know two families that have been through Burzinsky treatment for cancer treatment. I’ve also seen Cut, Poison, Burn (excellent documentary as well).

      • That is awesome that you know about Burzynski too!

        I have a question–I’m an avid follower and fan of yours–regarding the measles:

        I know it’s a mild illness. I know that the rates are *up* apparently due to the vaccine. Yet at the same time it’s supposed to be beneficial to contract the measles due to how it strengthens you.

        So is the measles-giving vaccine actually providing some benefit?

        I am extremely anti-vaccine and the brain damage, etc., far outweighs any benefit, but I want to better understand how to talk about measles as people make these decisions.

  35. Thank you for posting so many facts! and siting your sources to back up a valid point! I wish people didnt know that I choose not to vaccinate… Because it’s very uncomfortable at this point to hold an intelligent conversation about that topic. I really appreciate your article!

  36. Dear Jessica,

    I’ve read several of your blog posts now and the many comments left by your readers. I am left wondering at some key points though, and I sincerely hope you will do me the courtesy of giving me a thoughtful response as I suspect this could be a hostile environment for such questions.

    Firstly do you believe vaccinations are bad, period? Specifically it’s hard to deny that smallpox was a terrible disease that ravaged the world for several centuries. It is generally accepted that a worldwide vaccination programme eradicated smallpox between 1966 and 1980 (and polio is pretty rare these days for the same reasons). So can’t vaccines be a force for good?

    Secondly it seems quite clear that the vast majority of international medical opinion is in favour of vaccination as a method of improving public health. Assuming that this is the case, why do you think they are all wrong? Is it a conspiracy (if so please explain), and why do you and a relatively very small number of experts have the ‘right’ answer?

    On a positive note I agree about your comments on malnourishment and poor water supplies in the developing world. This lack of basics is of course going to affect health significantly. It’s criminal that in the 21st century with so much wealth for some that so many others have less than nothing.

    Could I ask that we leave faith/religious views out of any replies please? I don’t feel they are relevant or helpful to the wider debate which should be based on rational discussion and scientific analysis.

    Kind regards


    • Several vaccines are manufactured using cells from 2 or 3 different aborted fetuses, the list of which ones can be ascertained from the CDC’s vaccine excipient list, so that aspect of religion definitely cannot be automatically excluded from any discussion regarding vaccines.

      As for smallpox it is not generally accepted that the vaccine played a role in the decline of deaths and/or incidence. Smallpox festers in the type of living conditions that were prevalent over 150 years ago. When you take the time to research some of the statistics that were kept from towns like Leicester, UK, you’ll note that the vaccine was being introduced while the disease was seeing a marked decline due to changes in living/sanitary conditions. When they tried to force vaccination in communities like Leicester (pop: 200,000+) they saw huge outbreaks of the disease during those years. When you read the notes of town hall meetings from back then you’ll see that the term “Antivaccine” was being used 150 years ago, which as a sidebar is why it’s frustrating for vaccine zealots to continually lay the blame of the antivaccine movement at the feet of Dr. Wakefield or Jenny McCarthy, doctors and scientists and researchers and members of the public have been against vaccinations for decades before either of those two were ever born.

      Polio is another one – if polio were as rampant as it was around 1955 in the 100 years leading up to that point then perhaps there would be an argument in favor of the vaccine, however when you compare the incidence rate of polio between 1940~1970 and the usage in millions of pounds of the persistent pesticides — lead, arsenic, and the dominant organochlorines (DDT and BHC) – one sees a correlation that it would be scientifically incomprehensible to ignore. A correlation that is ignored however due to financial influence. These are representative of the major pesticides in use during the last major polio epidemic. They persist in the environment as neurotoxins that cause polio-like symptoms, polio-like physiology, and were dumped onto and into human food at dosage levels far above that approved by the FDA. They directly correlate with the incidence of various neurological diseases called “polio” before 1965. They were utilized, according to Biskind, in the “most intensive campaign of mass poisoning in known human history.”

      I just wanted to add those points into the discussion as they’re relevant to the post you made.

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  38. I’m sorry I did not read all the comments, but I do have a question. What if you were to get the MMR vaccine. Could you then get measles and build a life-long immunity or has the vaccine taken that away?

      • Nothing is ever 100%, so after both doses you don’t get guaranteed immunity – but it’s pretty close.

        After the first dose of the MMR vaccine, 64 out of 100 people will be protected against mumps, 90 out of 100 people will be protected against measles and 95 out of 100 people will be protected against rubella. After the second dose, 99 out of 100 people will be protected against all three illnesses.

        Vaccines work, that’s the reason they are given to masses of people around the world. Not becuase of some nefarious plot. Don’t believe the pseudo-science or the conspiracy theories!

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  40. In Australia; Doctors of Chiropractic an Natural therapies are gaged from commenting about vaccines, websites with vaccine information that oppose the Government vaccine belief are closed and many sites are backing off from commenting about vaccines because they fear they will be closed. I have noticed a number of web sites I once frequented no longer seem accessible…..GREAT PLACE TO LIVE… AUSTRALIA!. I would say the Government is getting ready to mandate vaccines. Another thing I cannot get statistics about Australian vaccine studies.
    I am glad they still feed the monkeys in the cage!!!!
    Great site best wishes for the future

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