Dear Blog Bullies, I Don’t See Your Comments!

Whenever I write a blog that quickly goes viral, the backlash is immediate. Through the years, I’ve come to expect it. Through the years, I’ve also learned that cyberspace bullies really do exist. Most of them hide behind fake names and a lot of them are paid pharma shrills. I have a zero tolerance and engagement policy. And this will be the one and only time I ever address this.

First let me say this: If you are new and recently subscribed to this blog, WELCOME! I’m thrilled you are here. This post is not for you. Please read my post: “Why Do I Care So Much?” to learn a little more about me and this reasons behind this blog. I’m happy to have you along for this journey! The rest of the post is written for the Blog Bullies. So here we go…

Dear Blog Bullies, I Don’t See Your Comments.

I have a comment moderator that moderates each comment before I ever see them. Let me repeat blog bullies: I don’t see your comments.

Your comment is immediately deleted if:

*you use profanity

*you hide behind a fake name that uses profanity

*your comment involves name calling and insults

*you use bullying and intimidation tactics

*you belittle my Faith

*you demand my “credentials”

*you tell me I’m “just a mom”

*you demand that I prove my research

*you entice me to defend myself

*you tell me I don’t know how to read the science

*you tell me I’m putting my kids or other kids at risk

*you try to tell me vaccines don’t cause autism

*you try to tell me vaccine reactions are rare

*you try to tell me Wakefield’s findings were discredited

*you try to tell me vaccines saved the world from polio & smallpox

*you try to pressure me using stories about children in 3rd world countries.

*you give me links to the CDC or WHO

*If you send me 18 paragraphs commenting on everything you disagree with, sentence by sentence, please know that your comment is deleted about 3 sentences in, and you’ve pretty much just wasted a few hours of your life. Unless of course you are being paid by the anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system, then I expect you to have all the time in the world finding blogs like mine to bully. After all, you are being paid for a job with a mission statement to: “establish an internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting misinformation communication campaigns regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts”. A whole lot of Bill Gates money went into this program, so I expect there are quite a few of you. You are not real. Neither are your comments.

I don’t have to prove myself to you. I don’t know you. If you don’t like the content in the blog, please go elsewhere to learn. I don’t need to have a PhD or be an MD or have immunology training and work in the “health”care industry, to know how to use logic and THINK for myself. Vaccines are a belief system. You get to believe in them. I don’t. I get to do what I want to do for me and my kids. I could throw logic and science and statistics at you all day, and at the end of the day, you will still choose to believe in vaccines, because that’s what you want to believe. Guess what? I don’t have to believe what you believe. And you can’t make me.

Because here’s the thing. I could sit here all day and link every THINKING doctor who understands the same truth and logic that I have found. Would it really make a difference if I was a doctor? No, you’d find a new way to try to bully. Because that’s what bullies do.

“I never imagined myself in this position, least so in the very beginning of my Ph.D. research training in immunology. In fact, at that time, I was very enthusiastic about the concept of vaccination, just like any typical immunologist. However, after years of doing research in immunology, observing scientific activities of my superiors, and analyzing vaccine issues, I realized that vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions the science could ever convince the world to accept.” -Vaccine Illusion, written by Tetyana Obukhanych (Ph.D. in immunology from Rockefeller University, New York, NY)
What about the other comments?

After a moderator trashes the insults, death wishes, and such…. I do read the respectful comments even when they have different view points. What I find is there is always a common theme in the comments from those who don’t agree with the particular post at that time. This last post brought out a very common theme and I would like to address it.

In my previous measles post I asked  “How are the unvaccinated a threat?”

And I shared a quote from a pediatrician about how preposterous it is to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. And how preposterous it is to the think that the unvaccinated child is carrying some secret bacteria or viruses that no-one else is carrying. “You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no-one else is carrying. You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t make any sense”.

While some still believe that somehow the unvaccinated can put the vaccinated at risk, the more common theme was about how the unvaccinated can put those who CAN’T receive vaccines at risk.

The comment goes something like this: 

-“Un-vaccinated children are a threat because there are some people who have forms of immunodeficiency diseases that a “herd immunity” will help protect them from. You are putting kids at risk that for medical reasons can’t receive them, ie. immune system disorders, etc. You are also putting babies at risk who are too young to receive vaccines”

-“I find those who refuse to immunize the epitome of selfishness and self-centeredness. Stop thinking only of yourself and consider those around you”

My personal favorite:

-“You fail to realize that many kids can still get measles even if they got the vaccine. So your un-vaccinated child could potentially infect a vaccinated one. Your behavior is actually putting other children at risk”

Here’s how I read that last one: “You fail to realize that vaccines don’t work. So your unvaccinated child could potentially infect a vaccinated one. So go get your unvaccinated child vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work to protect the vaccinated child who wasn’t originally protected from the vaccine that didn’t work”

How is the previously unvaccinated child who is now vaccinated going to now protect the always vaccinated child if the vaccine doesn’t work?

Oh logic, where art thou?

But in all seriousness….

Here is my response plain and simple:

My responsibility as a parent is to protect my own children. The end. 


At the end of the day, the only person who will answer for my children is ME. I walk daily with peace and confidence over MY decisions for MY children. Their immune systems were fearfully and wonderfully made. Every single thing that goes into their bodies (and does not go into their bodies) is building and strengthening their immune systems. Their health is the living proof. I do not expect anyone else to protect my children. And I will not be bullied into thinking that it is my responsibility to protect other children. I think it’s selfish that anyone would expect that. As my wise friend Em says: “You worry about your immune system and I’ll worry about mine”. The Greater Good is a movie based on the myth of Herd Immunity. If not, then every single adult who has not had a booster in 50 or so years is also “threat” and a “risk” to those who can’t receive vaccines. As if.

One would also have to believe that vaccines do in fact “protect” to think that it’s appropriate to expect people to vaccinate to keep others safe.  It’s quite silly to think that a vaccinated child could “protect” anyone. And that an unvaccinated child is a “threat”.

How can an unvaccinated individual without said diseases expose others to a disease they do not have?

Just plain silly.

The entire vaccine industry is built on fear and the myth of herd immunity. If we can’t make people think it is their responsibility to protect others, then there becomes no social pressure to vaccinate. Without the social pressure, what argument is left to bully the unvaccinated?

So NO! it is not my responsibility to put my children at risk with a product that is neither safe or effective in order to “protect” others. 

By the way, who protects the vaccine-injured children?

download (8)

Modern Alternative Mama published such a fantastic piece last week. I’m going to share some of that article below, as it eloquently speaks what so many of us THINKING MOTHERS feel. Originally published on her site, you can find the FULL article (HERE). Great post Kate!

Dear Vaccine Pushers: I Don’t Vaccinate and You Can’t Make Me

“I’m not going to defend myself against the bullies.  I’m not going to throw facts and statistics at you, showing how reasonable my position actually is.  (My position, by the way, is that every parent should have the right to choose if they want to vaccinate or not.  If you want to, that’s fine.)  I’m not going to try to mount an actual logical argument.  Because these people are bullies.  They are not interested in facts.  They are not interested in logic.  They are only interested in forcing people to accept their will.

Herd Immunity: Who Cares

The biggest reason people want me, and everyone, to vaccinate is herd immunity.  They claim that unless 95% or greater of the population is vaccinated, that we all risk these diseases beginning to circulate again wildly — and that the elderly, infants, and immunocompromised will be at serious risk.

Let’s ignore that:

  • Most of the adult population isn’t up to date on boosters and/or never received certain vaccines in the first place
  • Over 95% of children ARE up to date on their vaccines
  • We’ve had major advances in medical science that allow us to treat diseases differently so they’re NOT deadly anymore

I make the decisions that are right for my child.  do.  With no input from you or anyone else, unless I choose to consult them.  And I’m not asking right now.  I’m not willing to put my children at risk on the tiny chance that it might someday prevent another child from getting a disease (that most likely won’t harm him or her).

No, I don’t think it’s selfish to say that.  In fact, I think it’s selfish for people to ask me to vaccinate when I’ve made a decision not to.  That’s right — you’re being selfish to try to force your will onto me.  Vaccines are not without risk.  In fact, there are thousands of reports of children who have died or been permanently damaged by vaccines.  But vaccine pushers are going to tell me that that doesn’t really happen that often, and it doesn’t really matter, that it’s “worth it” to “save” some other children.  (Never mind that vaccine reactions are much more common than most people know, and that severe complications from the disease themselves are quite rare….)

I’m sorry, but having my own child dead or damaged isn’t worth it to me, to possibly save another child from an uncomfortable week.  Not by a long shot.

I will not be bullied into vaccinating.  I won’t place my child at risk to possibly help someone else’s child.  I.will.not.  And don’t ask me to, either.  You don’t have that right.

Responsibility to Society

Some of you say, okay, fine — don’t vaccinate.  But then don’t ever come out in public. Don’t go to libraries, to public schools, to anywhere that your child might “infect” someone else.

I say, do you know how silly that is?

First, unvaccinated children are not disease carriers.  Under normal circumstances, they’re as likely as anyone else to catch something.  Most of what they’re likely to catch, we don’t vaccinate for anyway.  The rotovirus (stomach flu) that’s been going around this year is truly nasty…but we don’t vaccinate for it.  I don’t see this as being any worse or different than measles.  Yet if my family inadvertently gave it to someone else, they would just say “It happens.”  But if my family somehow gave someone measles?  They might flip out.

It’s not different, people.  These illnesses are pretty equally bad.  And pretty equally “fine,” in the sense that you will recover with no lasting damage.

“They” say that people like me aren’t scared enough about these diseases, that we don’t really remember what they are like.  I say, the opposite side is too scared.  Good job, media! They’ve made people think that if you get polio, you will end up paralyzed and in need of an iron lung (not even remotely close), that if you get mumps you will end up sterile (almost no chance), that if you get measles you will go blind (this wasn’t even reported as a complication in any case in the last 30+ years in the U.S.).

Our responsibility to society is simple: don’t go out in public if you are sick.

Yeah!  That’s it!

There’s no reason to keep healthy people out of the public sphere just because they haven’t had a vaccine.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s paranoid.  It’s bordering on obsession and insanity.  And I’m honestly not blaming most who think this — it goes back to the media.  They’ve done a great job of scaring people into vaccinating, and against those who choose not to”. -Modern Alternative Mama


So Dear Blog Bullies:

Stop wasting your time commenting on this blog. This blog is not open for dialogue with you. No matter how hard you try, you will not entice me into a debate with you.

And one more thing you should know about me,

You will never change my decision.

Signed, a thinking MOM (yep, that’s all) :)

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82 thoughts on “Dear Blog Bullies, I Don’t See Your Comments!

  1. You are so fantastic! I am grateful to have discovered your blog! It’s sometimes such a challenge to hold strong against those that are obviously paid shills. Having been part of this discussion for several years I have noticed recently there is an army of pro vx commenters that ALL seem to have a personal story to support vaccines. I then discovered that this is the new preferred tactic of paid shills, it evokes sympathy for the commenters supposed sob story, and makes anyone that tries to dispute it seem heartless. So I, as you, have refused to engage in the back and forth, it’s pointless these days.


  3. You are wonderful! Seriously, you are inspiriting and motivating, and just give me so much strength to stick to my convictions and fight this nonsense. My son was damaged by vaccines (severe food allergies, asthma, digestive & sleep issues), and we are curing him with homeopathy and other natural methods. We stopped all vaccines with both kids, of course, and it’s been a lonely road. But, thanks to you blogs like yours, especially yours, I am ready to fight another day. Thank you for speaking up, especially when you’re so busy. God bless you.

  4. Dear thinking mom :-). I love your blog and am thankful to be able to read it ad thankful you find te time to write it. I tried searching your blog and didn’t find info on this so I thought if write you maybe is could learn some things. I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first child. I found out on Monday that I am RH- and husband is positive. So I’m left with the decision of getting the rhogam shot or not. I am getting sucked into the fear of not being able to have any more children. I’ve done some research but I was hoping you could point me in the direction of more good research or people who talks about RH- Thank you for your time!

    ~ Lauren Young (A fellow young living oil lover) :-)

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hey Lauren,

      Unfortunately I know little about the Rhogam shot–no doubt Jessica knows more! I wanted to let you know, though, that Neil Miller’s Vaccine Safety Manual has a section on the Rhogam shot. If you can’t get your hands on the book immediately, perhaps a facebook friend would be able to tell you what those pages say to aid you in your decision.

      Best to you and your baby!

      • Lauren,
        There is a lot of info about this out there. According to Varney’s Midwifery Textbook, The risk of a mother developing antibodies following the birth of an Rh positive baby is 16%. For the technical stuff varney’s is very useful to help you understand the situation…. for opinions, ask a midwife!! Even if she is not your midwife, I’m sure she will be happy to answer questions for you! FYI, RoGAM is a blood product made from Plasma…. that effects some peoples decisions. Good luck and congrats on the baby!

    • I am also Rh- . I did not receive the shot during pregnancy as a precaution just in case. But would have if I suffered some sort of trauma such as a car accident which could potentially cause blood to mix between Mom and baby. My first babe was also negative – tested post birth – so no shot was needed. I DID choose to have one after second birth with Rh+ babe. Was not worth that risk for me of potential future complications if I have another pregnancy. Hope that helps!

  5. Your blog is a breath of fresh air! I have a really hard time articulating the dangers of vaccines and the influence pharma wields over policy, so we really need more blogs like yours!

  6. You ROCK! Your Measles post was written so well, I shared it everywhere! It clearly laid out that “herd immunity” is fraudulent. I can almost bet that every single Blog Bully that attacked the post are the same ones sending their kids to daycare,preschool, school, library,gym,boy scouts,grocery store with green snot and fevers. The ones that drug with Tylenol (mito toxin!)to hide the fever so they can dump their kid on someone else. They are the ones that are dangerous to my daughter. They are the ones that force my teen to stay hidden at home because of immune deficiency. (You don’t see me sending her to school and insisting everyone else wear a mask..) They would much rather find someone else to blame. Thank you again!

  7. I am new to the blog but am THRILLED to see that you delete the bullies. Every Facebook page, thread, comments section…well it seems a bully shows up. It is so nice to see that I have a ‘safe place’ here to read and learn without having to wade through that nonsense (that honestly I get sucked into all the time and waste my day defending my choices). I also want to tell you that I am going through one of the most difficult seasons of my life. I am being bullied from unexpected places (within my family) and my heart is broken. I made the decision yesterday to just let God fight my battles for me and to “be still”. I was so at peace with that decision, believing it is what I’m supposed to do. But it started again this morning and had me all upset. Then I saw your post and it helped to bolster me that one of my best friends is the delete button and that is not only o.k. but a good thing. Thank you for the infusion of strength today. I needed it!!

    • I love your takeaway from the passage about Moses, Kristi. Yes, the Lord will fight for you!

      Also, remember that the burden of proof–I think any sane person would agree–is on OTHERS, to prove that something they want to inject into your child is SAFE and effective. Where I disagree with others: Many say that there is already proof. No, no there isn’t. Why should you have to defend your decision? The outrageous idea of injecting ourselves with disease is what stands in need of defense.

      Best of wishes!

  8. Fabulous! Debating with these people is really pointless. They have no interest in reading the research/info we share, or in the truth!

    We, in the high risk and vaccine-injured world, are incredibly blessed to have you on our corner!

  9. I thank God for amazing women like you! Keep at it, there are so many out there that need this information. Glad I came across it!

  10. I loved this. I just wrote a post about how we need to stop bashing other parents and do it our way. You researched, made an informed decision, so why does anyone else care whether you vaccinate or not.

  11. Off the Charts Brilliant! I wish more web-sites had your policy. Imagine all those lame ducks never getting any airtime at all! Again, brilliant. I really really love every part of the way you expressed yourself and 100% wholeheartedly endorse every word. Can I publish this as a guest blog on my site and include a link here? Many thanks for being at the front lines, keeping your body and brain sharp, and using your gifts to spread the TRUTH!

  12. I’m a therapist, and just starting working with an autistic kid. Guess what? He was very fine, and actually pretty advanced for his age until he got a series of vaccines shots (at around 18 months), and buf! As if he had been unplugged from one day to the other! It’s one thing reading about it and having an opinion. It’s another one sitting with a desperate mom, asking herself forever “what if?”. And sitting with a kid locked inside his own world, because of a chemical intoxication…

  13. People say all the time that serious vaccine injuries are rare and not to worry. Bet if you ask a mom (that didnt worry, whos life has been forever changed because of a serious vaccine injury) if she should have been worried, her answer would be drastically different! Thanks for helping give the vaccine injured families a voice, since they get swept under the rug so often to hide the truth

    • I agree, Holli. The vaccine injured are the recipients of much hatred and ridicule. I think this is because they will be the downfall of the vaccine empire, maybe pharmaceutical companies as a whole, and those in power are FURIOUS.

  14. I must be a “blog bully.” I won’t hide behind a fake name, and I always try to be respectful when I disagree with someone. But, you know, I disagree with you, so I guess that makes me a bully. There are plenty of people out there like me who respectfully disagree with many of your assertions and would like to engage in constructive dialogue. Obviously you’d rather not. You’d rather call me names and imply that because I have a differing opinion I’m not logical. And then you cherry-pick a few of the respectful dissenting opinions to share, so you can pretty much call them stupid. (Are these people even allowed to respond to your criticisms in the comments? Probably not.) Who’s the real bully? Don’t worry, I only spent two minutes writing this, so no time wasted when it doesn’t show up on your blog.

    • With all sincerity, because I truly am curious: what part of this comment involves constructive dialogue? What do we honestly have to discuss besides you letting me know that you don’t agree?

      • Afton, you must be unaware of the amount of studying Jessica has done on this issue. The reasons many doctors seem to support vaccination are complicated, but think money, lawsuits, manipulation, and you will get the picture.

        The idea that every person’s faulty thinking must be “exposed” by means of him/ her having a voice on this blog is, frankly, a little outrageous. It’s her blog. She is not obligated to give everyone equal time, and those who are very pro-vaccine (and those paid to write for them, no doubt) are lifting up their voices in many other places.

        It’s her blog. She is under no obligation to publish any comments at all.

        I highly doubt that the majority of educated people disagree with her. Where is your source for this? I’ve seen material online advising doctors on how to get parents to vaccinate, advising them that most decliners or hesitaters ARE middle-class and educated.

        Interesting that you would accuse her of arrogance while having no idea of the amount of study she’s done to come to this position. Can you present any scientific study anywhere, *not* funded by drug companies, that shows any vaccine to be safe and effective? Or 2 studies–1 to show safety, the other to show effectiveness?

      • @Katie Do you also see the irony in the fact that Afton not only wants to make ppl vaccinate their children against their will, he/she now feels entitled to dictate what Jessica can and can’t do on her own blog!? Talk about over reaching! Geez!

      • Katie, while I appreciate your support, please do not waste your time debating these people. We owe them no explanation for our research and decisions we get to make for our own children. We know the combined doses of vaccines have never been studied. We know there has never been a single study on the current vaccine schedule. We know there are no official vaccine safety studies conducted by a party who doesn’t financially benefit from vaccine sales. These facts are non debatable.

        What people like “Afton” want to do is try to distract people from truth. Let him think that the majority of educated people disagree with me. We know what the researchers from the CDC published in a study in the Journal of Pediatrics. It showed that children who hadn’t received any shots at all tended to come from educated families who had “parents who expressed concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and indicated that medical doctors have little influence over vaccination decisions for their children”.

        ”It’s an excellent example of how more education and awareness translates to better health. Parents are gradually waking up to the dangers of vaccines. Those who have a university education and a well paid job, are in a better position to research vaccinations and know their rights. Education is power and they and those most invested in health and research are most likely to avoid vaccinations at all costs, a trend that is welcome and timely for future generations”.

        We know the truth.

        While I’ve never met you before, I thank-you for taking a stand for this blog. But please do not engage with these people anymore. I’ve deleted Aftons comments as they do not offer any form of a constructive conversation.

    • Afton, I am not attempting to speak for Jessica, but after being in the vaccine debate for 15 years, I think i have something to offer here. I have noticed there are only 3 kinds of people who engage in the vaccine debate with those of us who are termed ‘anti-vaxers'; The first are those who are researching both sides and have genuine questions or concerns. They are thinking it through for themselves. They have open and inquisitive minds and want to know the truth, regardless of where that falls. Some are pro- vaxers but the questions that have come to light in recent years; well they just want to investigate to be sure. I do not remember, ever seeing an “anti-vaxer” not be willing to post their comments, or have a civil discussion as to their concerns or beliefs. The Bible says “Come, let us reason together.” The second kind are those who are in the anti-vaxers camp and are just happy to find others of like minds and want to show their support and exchange research and information. The third kind are those who have made up their minds as pro-vaxers and the interest in engaging us is not open, but counterproductive to both participants. They come in various forms. In MY experience,the majority are those who somehow take MY beliefs personally. They think they have to confront me to defend the choice they made for their children. They do not. Others are fearful of the decision they made and I wonder who they are trying to convince. Some are frankly lazy parents who don’t want the work of research and therefore want to defend their decision to “leave that to the doctors”. Some are just very busy and overwhelmed parents who similarly, don’t appreciate the fact that we are asking them to add one more thing to their plate instead of just “leaving it to the dr.” Some are just the argumentative, controlling and bossy type who would argue with a brink wall. If you say black, they say white. Then there are the paid trolls who are trying to spin public opinion. I didn’t used to believe in them until I had a horrible experience with one (boy, THAT’S another story). My point is simply this, I have never met any “anti-vaxer” who has any problem having a discourse with polite people with sincere intent, (the first 2 categories of people), however, the third group has proven to be a waste of everyones valuable time, and our time is valuable indeed. You see I used to be a big believer in vaccines. I not only had my daughter vaccinated but I also got vaccines I had never had as a child around the same time. It ruined my health. My daughter and I actually have a lot of the same medical issues now, all related to vaccine damage. I am a sick, single mother trying to take care of another sick, injured person. A nightmare!! I went from being a DANCE TEACHER one minute to walking with a cane and being debilitated the next. That was 19 years ago and I was never the same. Vaccinations so effected my health that I feel blessed to be alive. So yes, between my research and my experience, for those who simply want to tell me “you’re wrong!” it is unsympathetic to the difficulties I live with, an insult to my intelligence and disrespectful to my right to formulate my own conclusions. So yes, were I to have a blog, I would have the same policy as Jessica. I do feel engagement should be reserved for the first 2 categories. I also take issue with another of your statements, that an overwhelmingly majority of ‘educated people’ disagree with Jessica. Well let me just add my name to the roster of those who agree with Jessica. Do I qualify as an educated person? My first B.S. was in business, my second was a B.S. in Ed. and my third degree was a J.D. which is a Jurist Doctorate (law degree).

      • Katie my heart goes out to you in a strong way. I am thankful you have found access to the truth and healing over the years. People who have experienced firsthand vaccine injury receive a double whammy – beyond our comprehension. First you got the damage from the vaccines (and in this case both you and your daughter), then you get pelted with abuse from the established mainstream either that you are 1) crazy or 2) somehow defective and the obvious damage is from something that is your fault.

        Thank you for having the courage to speak out. I love your analysis of those who oppose the healthy children without shots movement and especially for the third type who want to deny everyone a non prejudiced search for the truth.

        Maybe you should start a blog. I would follow you!

        Becky Hastings

  15. I am a mom of two, one who is an up-to-date vaccinated 3 1/2 yr old boy with allergies and eczema and a sweet girl with developmental delay and a seizure disorder who has not been fully vaccinated (against medical advice! They wanted me to continue vaccinating though no one could find a cause! “You certainly don’t want her getting measles on top of all this do you?!”)
    Oh if I could do it all over again these kids would be vaccine free from the get go. I feel so horrible that I let them down in that way.
    I am standing up applauding your post. In an age of no tolerance for bullying it’s time we call this vaccination campaign out on what it’s really doing.
    Thank you!
    A recent “no more vaccines for my kiddos” convert & prayerful mama

  16. Haha!!! I LOVE this! I love that you don’t have to wade through all the hate, and blessings to the person who does it for you!

  17. Touche! Good for you! How do you get a blog sensor? Or does someone else do that for you? :-) I’ve only written one article that got some negative feedback and I just deleted it myself. But then again, I don’t have the kind of following you have.
    Great work.

  18. I love your blog. My partner and I have recently decided not to vaccinate. I have been researching relentlessly. I never realized how damaging vaccines are despite my daughters autism. We stood up to the pedi about our stance and are much happier and less worried now. We live in a rural area and have only found one pedi who has agreed to disagree with us. I love reading your views. I would however like to say don’t apologize. Don’t say you are sorry for what you truly believe. You have nothing to apologize for. You have a perfectly legitimate stance.

  19. good for you for standing up to the pharmies-in-disguise. don’t worry about it too much. a wise man once said, “3 things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” (Buddha). glad there are other thinkers out there.

  20. I’m so happy to have found your blog! You are an inspiration to all parents! I only wish I had known about adverse reactions to vaccines when my girls were born in 89, 91 & especially 95, when my baby suffered adverse reactions over & over & was diagnosed with PDD/Nos., sensory dysfunction, anxiety, IBS, gastroenteritis & reflux. She has terrible stomach & sleeping issues to this day, as well as social problems & anxiety. I’m mad as heck about Guardasil being forced on my first two daughters in 2006, when they were in h.s. They both suffer effects (random fainting, weakness, numbness in limbs & it scares me. I was recently kicked out of a private autism f.b. closed group because they don’t allow vaccine injury talk & I broke the rules by reporting what I experienced with my children following vaccines. I asked who the admins of the group worked for & then I was defriended from the group.

  21. I love you and your blog! Thank you so much! I have a cousin who keeps sending me articles (most recently that goofy measles one). I just answered him back yesterday by saying pretty much what you did here. It does not matter to me what he or any articles say. My son spent 3 days in the NICU & almost died several times from that stupid hep b vaccine that I argued with the nurses about. I guaranteed them that my son would not be exposed to hep b (he’s 19 yrs old now & I STILL do not know anyone with hep b), but they guaranteed it was 100% safe & he could not leave the hospital without it. It’s only God & prayers that saved him. The doctors & nurses didn’t have a clue what to do for him, other than monitor him and, I don’t know, maybe they moved him when the heart monitors went off due to his falling heart rate. I’m old enough that I had all those childhood diseases & they were basically nothing. I remember crying as the school bus went past my house when I had the mumps in 1st grade. I was not sick & couldn’t understand why I had to stay home. BTW, I sent the links to the 2 part blog you wrote concerning that measles article to my cousin. Also a good one I found about polio. So far he hasn’t said anything back. I also told him that I wouldn’t feel any different to him or anyone else who decided they DID want to vaccinate (except perhaps sadness), but that I would not change my mind. I’d like to ask you about your thoughts & any info you might have on the meningitis vaccine. My husband (another long story) is pushing for our son to get that before he starts college. I’ve been trying to research, but most articles are on the vaccines typically given to little ones.

  22. A friend shared your last post on her page and my favorite pro-vax responder took issue with your cover image. It went something like: “That image really bothers me! Im a nurse with actual medical training unlike you people. They never inject that much at once with such a large needle. It’s just inaccurate! They also don’t give the shot in a baby’s arm… I won’t even read the blog because I have my opinion and you have yours. You won’t change my mind no matter what you say.” Really? The picture? That’s what you want to argue? Facts and research are too hard to grapple with apparently. Ay, ay, ay! You’re a patient woman, Mrs. Gianelloni! Glad to know at least some of the ridiculous comments are filtered out. ;)

  23. Hi there. I just read your mail from yday. Im fairly new to your blog and I LOVE IT! A big thanks from over the pond.

    Completely horrified and very naive of me i guess. . to read of the grief you receive from these bullies/trolls/wastes of space. Like the old saying, “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. So true. Clearly alot of bored individuals. Good for you. Like i say to my children. . .Most of the time the goodies always win and the baddies always lose.

    Keep blogging. Happy Friday to you and thank you, thank you.

    Dy xxx

  24. Love it! If only this logic would be heard and understood by everyone. I find vax pushers too hot headed to even for a second listen to this logic. Too bad really.

  25. I am thinking that we moms need to start a facebook thread that goes viral…just listing that our child regressed on a vaccine. We often “hide” in private FB groups working like mad getting our children well, but our numbers are in the thousands. Thank you for your blog!!! Love!

  26. Mrs. Gianelloni, I think there’s a mistake or some confusion in your comment, where you discuss a study in the Journal of Pediatrics – long story short, the ending quote doesn’t seem to be from that study.

    • Dan,
      While I appreciate you fact checking my comment. Yes, the end quote was by a vaccine researcher who was commenting on the Journal of Pediatrics study. And yes, I could have worded it differently. At the end of the day though, does the CONTENT change? No. The CDC conducted the study. Found that parents who don’t vaccinate are highly educated. And published the study in the Journal of Pediatrics. The same truth still exists and the same point is made. Thank-you!

  27. You are obviously firm in your beliefs, so I’m not going to argue or debate. As you said, waste of time. I am also a Christian mom who is in the thick of all this as well, and decided to vaccinate, but still hold my breath every time and says a prayer for safety. The thing I do take offence at is your insinuation that THINKING moms don’t vaccinate. Thus implying that, because I chose to vaccinate, I am incapable of thinking for myself. I get that this post was indicated for bullies, but your post is somewhat bullying itself in that implication. I put a great deal of thought and prayer into my decision to vaccinate. I am a THINKING mom.

    • I’m so sorry you assumed that I feel mothers who vaccinate are incapable of thinking for themselves. I’m sorry you are offended. For many mothers that have chosen not to vaccinate, we had to not only put a great deal of thought and prayer, but we had to research and dig for the truth. 5,000 hours of vaccine research doesn’t come easy. But I eventually found that NO, the combined doses of vaccines have never been studied. That NO, there has never been a single study on the current vaccine schedule. And that there are NO official vaccine safety studies conducted by a party who doesn’t financially benefit from vaccine sales. If vaccines offered what they are promoted to be: safe & effective, I think we would all be the first people lined up to vaccinate ourselves and our children. Unfortunately that is not the case. So thinking differently than what we are told to believe is the reason behind the word THINKING.

      I also use the term “THINKING” in honor of The Thinking Moms Revolution (a group of mothers who are rescuing and healing their children from vaccine injury). They had to learn the hard way and are now forced to THINK differently than what they were told to believe.

      My prayer for all mothers is that their decision to vaccinate or not, would be met with perfect peace. It makes me sad to read that you “still hold your breath every time and say a prayer for safety”. That’s not how it should be.

      • I wish there was a “like” button on your blog so that I could “LIKE” this response. It too hurt me to read that she holds her breath and prays for safety. That worry and doubt may be a red flag that needs to be heeded instead of hoping for the best. I say that because I believe the Holy Spirit tried to warn me when my girl was a babe. Even though I liked (PAST TENSE) the IDEA of vaccination, I vividly remember 20 years later, sitting in the waiting room chair feeling uneasy thinking…. “too many, too soon. But I went in there, held my breathe and crossed my fingers. I am wondering what the other mothers of 21 year olds are doing today. Are their children away at college? Planning a wedding? Shopping or chatting together? My 21 year old is spending her Saturday verbally stimming while watching a DVD….unsure if it is Sesame Street or The Rugrats …..I should probably go check on her. What I wouldn’t give to have just risked the a childhood case of the mumps or chicken pox!!

  28. My father is 80, he refused to get any of his 9 lifelong healthy children vaccinated. I am 54, I too refused vaccinations for my 3 healthy children and now my daughter is refusing vaccinations for her 3 healthy children. All children mentioned, attended public schools. We did get ,chicken pox, measles and a couple kids got the mumps. Everyone survived nicely. If you want to shut a doctor up when he’s pushing vaccinations, just ask him to give you a written guarantee that the vaccine will not have adverse or dangerous side effects.

  29. You are amazing! I’ve been reading through your posts since I came across your last (viral) one. Each one is so meticulous and detailed. You do a great job of pulling all of the information together. So happy to hear your don’t publish the bully comments. Just stick to spreading the positive messages so parents can make informed decisions. Your children are so beautiful and glowing in health! ~from a fellow mom of 5

  30. I would like to respectfully suggest to Afton, that although I am sympathetic to the fact that you feel frustrated, that perhaps this is an exercise in futility. I imagine that many followers to this blog, like myself, are vaccine injured and we are just looking for ways to help ourselves and our children while enjoying the support of like minded followers. It is highly unlikely that we will change one another’s mind, therefore, maybe we would all live more peacefully and can get on about the business of making our lives better, to just agree to disagree and wish one another well.

  31. Amen! :) I need to visit your blog more. I couldn’t believe it when a dr told me I had to vaccinate for Chicken Pox — really? I got the pox big time as a kid and guess what, I was okay and I lived!! I’ve had misquito bites that were worse. Oh nuts now they’ll probably come out with a misquoito bite vaccine that I’ll have to refuse. :)

  32. Love this! I think you have just made my mind up whether or not to vax…unfortunately my twins got shots when they were born and their 2 months shots..we have an appt next month for more shots and i will be denying!! Ive been researching vaccines and it is scary..never would of thought I wouldn’t vaccinate my kids but I am so glad I have taken the time to care and research..thank you for your blog!! I do have a it true kids can’t go to school if they are not vaccinated?

  33. Oh, how I love your blog.
    First: I am so glad you recognize the importance of keeping out the “bad juju” of cyber bullies. They just bog everything down.
    Second: I applaud your strength in your convictions. I love how you stand by your choices calmly and respectfully. And politely.
    Third: I am not lazy, and I do a lot of reading and research of my own, but I am very thankful for people like you who blog about their findings; it helps me feel less lonely about my own decisions.
    Fourth: You have a wonderful, healthy family. Blessings to you!

  34. It saddens me if you have received comments that are bullying or hurtful. Given the list of reasons why comments cannot be included it appears that views/perspectives/research, which are opposing to yours, will not be included in the commentary discussion. Supporters will be moderated in but those with any opposing views are not likely to be included. Doesn’t seem to open up a dialogue that is broad and varied.

    • It seems your comments are not being approved because there isn’t much content in them, other than to point out my moderation rules. This blog is open to dialogue that is broad and varied. That’s exactly what I do. I share truth outside of what the media and pharmaceutical industry want us to believe. If you do not like my point of view, you are more than welcome to not read this blog. But dialogue trying to tell me what I can hear when I turn on the news is not “broad and varied”.

      • Thank you for the response. I had tried to include more “content” in previous responses. However, they were not moderated in despite going through each of your points out of respect that this is your blog and a support to many others. I am trying to respect your process despite what you may feel. I never tried to tell you what you can hear when you turn on the news. All the best with your blog. It is clear it is a great support to many.

  35. Great post, great decision to have a moderator take care of the comments (I’ll do the same for my blog!!). You know, the pharma propaganda machine has such a huge platform to express themselves, we shouldn’t give them even more space :-)
    I am a big fan of all your research work and your fantastic articles!

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  37. I too read the article where the author talked about how our unvaccinated children are putting their vaccinated children at risk because the vaccine isn’t 100% effective. It made my blood boil. I saved the link so that I could respond (some day) on my own blog about the writer’s warped take on vaccines and those of us who choose to not use them. I was thrilled to see you address that and many other nay-sayers so eloquently.

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